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About Us

Our History

Since 1972 our business has been built
on the cornerstones of ACCOUNTABILITY,

When you start a company with a solid
foundation it can accomplish amazing things.
Edmar has experienced quite a bit since we
opened our doors but has never lost sight of
the values the company was established on.

(Photo: Edmar's yearly staff picnic)

Our Focus

Staying focused on these key principles and a strong commitment to being a leader in our industry has helped us grow to become one of the largest distributors in the northeast. We now boast a 60,000 square foot warehouse stocked with thousands of products and our own fleet of trucks that deliver to the five boroughs, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and Philadelphia. Edmar's growth, reputation and the established relationships developed over time are the accomplishments we pride ourselves on. The past challenges us to continue being unique and create an exciting future for ourselves and for our customers.

Our Relationships

To be successful in business for so long requires establishing bonds with our customers based on trust and performance. These are the relationships that have formed Edmar's success. Our niche was carved by developing and providing our customers with solutions to increase their labor productivity and product efficiency, thereby helping them achieve their goals.


  • 50-05 47th Avenue, Woodside, NY 11377  
  • Tel: 718-779-7900   |   Fax: 718-779-7033   |   Email Us